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Restoration reality resumed, and we’re ready! ...and a VERY HAPPY New Year to all!

After a year of successes, the team at the Salford Victoria Theatre Trust had a truly magical Christmas when their Viability Study, funded by Theatres Trust, stated that the former theatre is “of national significance” and concluded that it is “one of the most significant heritage assets in Salford.”

We would like to thank the team of consultants and The Theatres Trust for their ongoing support and guidance throughout our cause and are delighted to have just heard that we have also been successful with our funding from the East Salford Community Committee and the Stranding Together fund towards the vialibilty study and report of Heritage and Historical Significance. It is great that we have the backing of the Committee and Council to make this project a success, with the support of al other parties.


The consultants - made up of Colliers International, Foster Wilson Architects, IKS Consulting and Theatresearch - said: “it is one of few remaining buildings designed by the renowned theatre architect Bertie Crewe - and one of the few that he fully designed: one in Paris and another in London.” It opened, with fanfare, in 1900, it has a beautiful and unusual interior, and retains Victorian Scruto stage equipment, elements of which are unique, the only surviving example of such a mechanism in the British Isles.”

“The terracotta façade is fine and, once restored, would be a major adornment to the area. The building appears to be relatively unaltered since built, but it has unfortunately experienced neglect by its former owner and deterioration that needs urgent attention. The Victoria has some impressively unique differences from it counterparts in the city and across the UK and it would be great to see it restored as a flexible multi-use events venue plus community hub.”

Spectacularly, they mentioned that “it is unlikely that any other project could make such a positive contribution to regenerating and improving that part of Salford than restoration of the Victoria Theatre” and “does not require major change to become usable again.”

Chair of the SVTT, Sam Kelly expressed: “whilst it would be phenomenal to have the whole building restored to its original glory of an operational theatre, we are hopeful in looking to achieve the first two steps in a four-phase plan for the restoration, which will see the building operate as a ‘vibrant community hub’ encompassing retail in the entrance, commercial office spaces in the saloon bar, as well as rehearsal and performance areas in the auditorium and stage sections. There is also discussion around a museum or exhibition space in the basement.”

“The building is outstanding and, with restoration, could form an attractive and vibrant hub for Lower Broughton. In order to do so, however, they need the community and local influential partners to get behind it. This needs to happen!”

Claire Appleby of The Theatres Trust supported that: “We are delighted that the viability study had determined a solution to securing the future of this beautiful theatre. The Victoria, which is currently vacant and in poor state of repair, is one of only30 theatres throughout the UK that is included on our Theatres At Risk register. It is an outstanding Victorian theatre and has potential to become an attractive and vibrant hub for Lower Broughton. We will continue to support the Sam and the SVTT team in their ambition to see the future of this significant building secured and call on local people, Salford City Council and local partners and businesses to support them in their vision for both building and community.”

Consultations around the plans and options for its future use will take place on 17th February, 2pm at Naz Centre.

We are planning events for later in the year and have discovered items of memorabilia along the way. Including this charcoal sketch by Lever Art which has been kindly donated to our cause in order to make prints and have it put onto merchandise to raise funds. Thank you Rob and thank you everyone who has donated through JustGiving and has supported our campaign so far to keep the spirit alive.