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Thanks to those who attended the VS consultation workshop

Now that we have neared the end of the Viability Study, we await contact from the owner with regard to their agreement of the plans for restoration, before we get down to the real work. By the way, the proposed Clean Up that we planned for 22nd has now been postponed.

Thank you to those who joined us on Monday 17th for the final consultation. We were honoured to have Brian Thorpe, his wife Anne, and Jean Forrester of the Salford Musical Theatre there. Brian brought the curtain down on the final show on stage at the Victoria in 1972. Thanks also to Christine Clarkson and Dave and Anne Collins from the Salford Symphony Orchestra and Paul Holt of Adlib, as well as Safieh Eskandari from local group Dosti and Fereshteh Mozaffai from Sheba Arts.

It was a really good discussion and everyone appreciated and approved of the plan to bring the Victoria back in to use, as a community hub, in a phased restoration. This will allow us to use the building much sooner. Colliers are also producing a leaflet for us with information from the summary of the viability study so we can get that out around the community and of course we'll post it here.

We have written to the owner again, regarding the urgent roof repairs that need seeing to, and we will send them any final conclusions from the consultants and hopefully their team will digest the report and get back to us on how we can work together to achieve the recommendations for restoration. At least we can open negotiations hopefully. So we'll keep you updated but it's getting really exciting now we have a proper plan to restore the Victoria.

If you would like to see a copy of the proposed plans for the phased restoration, please email

Thanks for all the support that has gotten us this far!