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Group dedicated to the acquisition and restoration of the Victoria Theatre, Great Clewes Street, Salford
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Help If You Can! - Donations Welcome

Now that progress is being made with regard to proving the case for restoring The Victoria to its former glory as a theatre, we now need your support, through donations, to ensure that we are able to maintain the campaign and see that the background areas of the restoration continue.

The viability study is underway! The first site visit with the consultants will take place at the end of October and we will have the Final Report at the end of January 2020, when we will have a credible opportunity of developing a restoration plan for the Victoria.


So... this is when we really need your support and donations to our Fighting Fund to help us 'Save the Salford Victoria'.


Please go to our Friends page to sign up as an official Friend of the Salford Victoria and please make a donation if you can, even a £1 will be gratefully received as all your contributions will add up.